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A recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey showed that 60% of people who are Facebook fans of companies or brands and 79% of people who are Twitter followers are more likely to recommend those brands and companies since becoming fans or followers, and 51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers are more likely to buy products/services from the brands and companies they follow or are fans of.

And, on the flipside, NOT having a social media presence can have an equally impactful negative effect. This same study found that the peoples' opinions of brands and companies that had no Facebook, Twitter, and other digital social presence was overwhelminigly negative - with respondents feeling that these companies were "out of touch" and "didn't care" about consumers, and they "doubted the relevance" of these brands and businesses.

At Online Advantage, we can handle your social media presence every step of the way, from establishing your accounts, building your following, and maintaining that all-important ongoing relationship with your customer base.

Search Engine Optimization

When people do a Google search, they are already in "information seeking mode" or "buying mode." In other words, they are ready to take action regarding whatever they are searching for. In either instance, their minds are already several steps ahead in the purchasing cycle than they are when they are in "socializing mode" - which they are when they are on social networks. This is why developing a robust Social Media profile is good for building your brand and Search Engine Optimization is advantageous for gaining clients directly.

At Online Advantage, the strategy we employ is to always be working on ranking for a combination of easy, medium, and difficult competition keywords. In this way, you are capturing some traffic immediately via the easier keywords, but also putting effort into the long-term bigger rewards of high traffic, high competition keywords.

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