Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill – Social Media Push Brings “The Beach” to You

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Rubio’s is doing a very cool social media push in their stores to drive traffic to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

They’ve done a really good job of translating their branding concept (the beach) into their campaign – the tagline is “The Beach Is Always in Reach” and the graphics show the Twitter and Facebook logos relaxing on a beach next to some surfboards.

One thing that could have been improved is the placement and size of the actual URLS.  I mean, the point is, after all, to drive traffic to the pages – yet the addresses of the pages are small and hard to find at the bottom of the poster.

In fact, in the first example, the poster was curling up at the bottom, obsuring the URLS.

Still, a great campaign, and kudos to Rubio’s for utilizing social media this way!